• February 2021

    Dear Sheridan Students and Families,

    Since the Governor's announcement making the metrics advisory we have been working on our reopening plan. For starters, we reviewed the plans from August and then began the process of amending based on health and safety requirements, working with transportation and nutrition services. 

    Please read the Reopening Timeline, noting the week and the grade level band. The gradual increase of students into the school will give us time to adjust and improve our safety protocols before the next group starts. The other document is specific information regarding special programs, nutrition services and transportation. I have also including how attendance is recorded under the Hybrid model.

    The design of the plan takes into consideration the space restrictions. We must comply with the six feet of social distance which means no more than 15 students per classroom and in some cases 12. The Hybrid Instructional model, with the space restriction, allows only half the students to  attend at one time. For students in grades K-3, in-person becomes the primary source for instruction since they attend in AM or PM sessions four days a week. For students in grades 4-12, the online learning through Canvas continues to be the primary source of instruction. Students will meet with their teachers in person to review and discuss the online learning content. The schools will be sending out more information as to the days and time your child(ren) will attend.

    If you have questions about the Hybrid model, please contact your child's school. Thank you for your continued support of Sheridan School District.

    Dorie Vickery Superintendent