• Questions and Answers
    Hybrid Instruction for Sheridan Schools
    February 18, 2021 Update


    1.  What is the guidance for keeping my child home when they are not feeling well?

    During the 2020-2021 school year, students may have to stay home longer than usual when they are sick. Please keep sick students home and notify the school to find out when they can return. Any student that has been exposed to COVID-19 must stay home for 14 days.


    2.  I’m not comfortable sending my children to school just yet, what are my options?

    Parents can select either Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) or Hybrid Learning. CDL is 100% online learning.

    The schools will be contacting parents regarding the addition of a hybrid learning option. At that time, parents can let the school know that they wish for their child(ren) to continue online learning.

    3.  What will the school day look like for students grades 6-12?

    Students in grades 6-12 will have AM online learning, periods 1-4 followed by afternoon in-person, attending periods 1-4. Their second day will be class periods 5-8 in the morning, followed by in-person class periods 5-8.

    Due to space restrictions, students attend two, half-days per week.

    Please read the Hybrid Instruction Information to Parents document posted on the district website under Reopening.

    4.  When will parents find out the schedule (days/times) for their child(ren)?

    K-2 students will be contacted by the main office staff, as well as their homeroom Teacher. Homeroom teachers will contact families before the end of the day on Friday, February 12th. 

    Grades 3-5 will be contacted before March 1st by their homeroom teacher. Please contact the office if you have any questions, 971-261-6960.

    Grades 6-8 will be mailed out with report cards by February 26th. Please contact Cale George if you have any questions at 971-261-6960 or cale.george@sheridan.k12.or.us

    Grades 9-12 will be mailed out with report cards on February 24th. Please contact Tiffany Wertz if you have any questions at 971 261-6970 or tiffany.wertz@sheridan.k12.or.us.

    5.  What will students need to bring with them to school?

    All students will need to bring their fully charged Chromebook, charger and basic supplies. Students will not use lockers.

    6.  Why can’t students return to school for full days, every day?

    State mandated physical distancing requirements prevent our schools from offering fully enrolled classrooms. Classrooms will be at approximately 50% capacity to allow for physical distancing. We also must consider restrooms, cafeteria and hallways for all transition times.

    In order to serve all students while restricting space, we must offer shortened school days. The following pictures show the classrooms set-up for in-person instruction. 

    Kindergarten with desks six feet apart.


    FCS second grade classroom:

     FCS second

    SHS classroom:


    7.  Since schools will have shortened days or sessions, how will I know when my child is supposed to attend? 

    Students in Kindergarten will continue on the same schedule.

    Students in grades 1-2 will attend AM or PM sessions, starting February 16th. Parents will be notified of their session time.

    Students in grades 3 - 12 will be notified of their half-days to attend in-person instruction.

    8.  What does the term “hybrid” mean?

    Hybrid instruction is a combination of on-site learning and online learning. Students receive instruction (new content) through online learning (also known as Comprehensive Distance Learning or CDL) and attend in-person instruction. During in-person instruction students are with their classroom teacher who will provide instructional support, clarify or reteach from the content covered during CDL.

    Please read the Hybrid Instruction Information to Parents document posted on the website.

    9.  What does Hybrid Instruction look like for Sheridan students?

    Since our classrooms can only hold 12-15 students, our students would attend in assigned groups. The model would allow students to attend two-half days a week. Online learning would continue the rest of the instructional time.

    10. Will families be able to continue with distance learning if they don’t want to return for in-person instruction? 

    Yes. We understand that some families want the child/ren to stay home during the pandemic. Distance learning will continue to be offered for all grades, K-12.

    11. How will the vaccine impact the reopening process?

    The vaccine does not remove the health and safety requirements. Unfortunately, we are limited based on classroom square footage. Our classrooms can only accommodate up to 15 students and one teacher.

    12. What are some of the safety requirements?

    Students and staff are required to wear face masks while at school. There will also be a visual health screening of students as they enter the building. We must maintain 6’ of social distance, regularly clean all high touch surfaces and keep a log of anyone entering the school. Additionally, we require all staff and students to stay home if they are ill or have been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19.

    13. Schools will be required to have COVID-19 Rapid Response testing program on site. What is involved and does it require parent consent?

    The COVID-19 rapid test will be used for staff and students who develop symptoms while at school. The test uses a nasal swab that is self-administered and then read by a trained staff member. Parental consent is required for any student prior to being tested.

    If a student is unable to do the test independently, the student will be sent home and the parent will be provided a resource for Covid testing within the community. 

    14. What is the update on sports?

    Spartan Football has officially started with a regular practice schedule. The volleyball team is planning on practicing Monday through Wednesday for its voluntary preseason schedule (its official season starts with practice on Feb. 22)

    The Cross Country team is planning on starting its practice on Feb. 22.


    Please know that this information is constantly changing. The best source of information is on the OSAA website or contact the school office with questions.

    15. As a parent, I’m concerned about how far behind my child is due to the online learning format. What is the district’s plan to support my child when schools do open?

    The district will be providing opportunities for academic support, in small groups. We are also looking into summer and after school programs as additional learning time we can provide our students. We will also provide teachers with training to help in adjusting their instruction to further meet the needs of all students. 

    This process will not be easy and will require a strong partnership between the school and parents.