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    As part of hybrid instruction, Sheridan School District will offer rapid COVID-19 tests in our schools. These tests are optional and require a signed parental consent form. The purpose of these tests is to quickly identify cases of COVID-19 in the school as well as reduce the time that students are excluded from school after being sick.

    What is the test?

    The school district will be using Abbot BinaxNOW rapid COVID-19 tests. These tests use a nasal swab sample and take 15 minutes to give a result.

    Who can get tested?

    The rapid tests will be available for students who develop symptoms of COVID-19 while at school. For students who develop symptoms at home, please keep them at home and contact their doctor or the school nurse for more information about how to get tested. A signed parental consent form must be on file for a student to get tested.

    How is the test administered?

    The tests will be performed by the school nurse or another trained staff member. Students will be brought to a designated testing room to ensure privacy. The nasal swab is s elf-administered. The nasal swab will then be handed to a staff member who will read the test results. If your student is unable to self-administer the nasal swab, the test will be stopped and the school nurse can help you find another way to get your child tested.

    How will I be notified of my student’s results?

    When you arrive to pick up your student, you will be given a letter notifying you of the test results.

    If the test is negative: Your student will need to stay home until they are feeling well enough to return to school.

    If the test is positive: Your student will need to be picked up right away. The school nurse and the public health department will provide you with instructions and resources as well as help you determine when your student can return to school.

    Who will know what the test results are?

    The school is required to report all test results to the Oregon Health Authority. For positive test results, the public health department, school principal and superintendent will also need to be notified. Outside of that, your student’s test results will be kept confidential. If other students or staff were exposed, they will be notified to quarantine but will not be given student-specific information.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the school for additional information.

    Faulconer Chapman: 971-261-6960                                                           Sheridan High School: 971-261-6970