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    SNAP Replacement Benefits
     Hello Community Partners,
    Please see information below on replacing SNAP benefits. This information can be useful to individuals and families that were affected by recent power outages. Please share with your clients!
    SNAP Replacement Benefits
    Current SNAP recipients who have lost food purchased with SNAP benefits due to storms, flooding, power outages, fires or other misfortunes may be eligible to have their SNAP benefits replaced.
    To be eligible, for replacement benefits, households must:
    • Be current SNAP recipients
    • Have experienced other household misfortunes that has caused the loss of food
    SNAP recipients must request replacement benefits within 10 (ten) calendar days of experiencing food loss. Once approved, replacement benefits are issued to current recipients using their existing EBT card. To request replacement benefits, current SNAP recipients can call their local branch office.
    Replacement SNAP Benefits Flyer: Outreach flyer for community organizations to use with affected households
    Replacement SNAP Benefits Form: Replacement benefits form with cover page
    SNAP Replacement Benefits FAQs

    What help is available if I lose food because of a disaster?
    In the event of a disaster, ODHS can authorize SNAP replacement benefits if the household loses food purchased with SNAP benefits. ODHS must verify the reason for the loss.

    How much will I receive in replacement benefits?
    The value of the replacement benefit shall be an amount equal to the value of the lost food purchased with SNAP benefits, up to the maximum of one month of the household's SNAP benefits. If eligible, the replacement benefits are added to the SNAP household's regular EBT card.
    Oregonians that do not currently receive SNAP benefits can apply online at or call their local office.