FCS Culture and Climate Committee

The purpose of the FCS Culture and Climate Committee is to gather input from Faulconer-Chapman stakeholders about the culture and climate at Faulconer-Chapman School. The committee will gather information, examine data and make recommendations to the Faulconer-Chapman Leadership Team, District Teaching and Learning Team and Sheridan School Board. The committee will meet approximately twice a month and report back to the Sheridan School Board each month.

Committee Members

  • April Bell, Parent

  • Dean Rech, Sheridan High School Principal

  • Jeremy Brown, Teacher

  • Larry Deibel, Board Member

  • Mike Griffith, Board Member

  • Marti Hofenbredl, Special Education Director

  • Dave Kline, Faulconer-Chapman Principal

  • Steve Sugg, Superintendent


This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Esta institución ofrece igualdad de oportunidades.