• Ready Schools, Safe Learners

    Staff Q & A

    August 15, 2020


    1) On Page 20:

    Under "Provide limited in-person instruction for specific groups of students (Statewide):"

    As one of the conditions it states:

    There have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 among school staff or students in the past 14days.

    How is this expected to be verified, particularly regarding asymptomatic occurrences?


    I have contacted the Polk County and Yamhill Health Departments to find out how I will be given that information.


    2) On Page 29:

    1d Cohorting, third paragraph, it states:

    "If a school cannot confirm that six-feet distancing was consistently maintained during the school day,"

    Who will be responsible for confirming this, and how will it be confirmed?


    I would expect that the staff members in that situation, either staff-to-staff not social distancing, student-to-student or staff-to-student would report what happened.


    3) Page 30

    1F Entry and Screening, it states:

    "All schools should develop plans and procedures to ensure proper screening before students and staff enter school."

    How will this be done and how are we defining "before...entering school"?  Is this for in person school or anytime staff is called to the building?  Is that every time they enter the building?  If I go into the building to get something from my classroom, do I need to be screened by someone?


    The expectation is for staff to self-screen.  This will occur just within the building, in the main entrance.  The health screening is to happen every time someone enters the building (daily).  The Health & Safety Committee will develop the protocol and plan how best to train staff. 


    4) Page 39

    Under "Required" it states:

    "Grades 6-12 (individual subject): Attendance must be taken at least once for each scheduled class that day for all students enrolled in school, regardless of the instructional model (On-Site, Hybrid,Comprehensive Distance Learning, online schools)."

    Does this attendance "check" need to occur during the "scheduled class time"?


    I think this is something we will need to figure out, including how we can monitor student activity within Canvas.  (For example, if a student is online in the evening.)


    5) Page 44 Second Line States:

    "Prohibit sharing of food and drinks among students and/or staff"

    How will this impact coffee in the staff room?


    No coffee service in the staff room.



    6) Page 50 under "Required" it states:

      ❏ Ensure all staff are trained to support de-escalation, provide lagging skill instruction, and implement alternatives to restraint and seclusion.

      ❏ Ensure that staff are trained in effective, evidence-based methods for developing and maintaining their own level of self-regulation and resilience to enable them to remain calm and able to support struggling students as well as colleagues.

    When will these trainings and procedures be provided?


    During the transition time, prior to reopening.



    7) Page 50/51, Two of the scenarios state the need to:

    "Preplan for a clean and safe alternative space that maintains physical safety for the student and staff"

    Where will this area be located, and how will the cleanliness of this space be maintained?


    Building administrators will address this concern and see that it’s in place when we transition to reopening.  Also, the Health & Safety Committee will review the Operational Blueprints (sections 1-3) and work with custodians for the cleaning schedule.