House Of Hope

Welcome to House of Hope

Beth Staats - Pregnant/parenting coordinator


About us: H.O.P.E. Stands for High school Offering Parenting Education.  Our mission statement is:  The school is designed to meet the unique needs of pregnant or parenting teens.  Pregnant and parenting teens that cannot earn credits at the regular high school, and students that are in danger of danger of dropping out.


Our program is very unique in that parents are allowed to bring their children with them to school.  We do not provide childcare or day care.  We do however have a well-equipped nursery and toddler room.


Students working on their high school diploma will attend school for a minimum of 17.5 hours/week.  The school is open from 12:30-4:00Monday- Friday. 


Pregnant/parenting students have a wide variety of electives to choose from that are centered around issues that are pertinent to them.  We encourage them to participate with community services like Lutheran Family Services or other parenting programs.  We pride ourselves at having good relationships with these agencies that are supportive of our pregnant/parenting students.


House of HOPE is dedicated to make sure pregnant/parenting students are successful by obtaining their post high school plans, whether it is going to college or trade school or being the best parent they can be.





We serve Yamhill County and surrounding district students.

Step 1.  Any students that lives out of the Sheridan school district needs to go to their school district office and request an inter-district transfer.

Step 2.  Pick up a transcript from the last school you attended.

Step 3.  Stop by House of HOPE and ask for an admission packet.


This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Esta institución ofrece igualdad de oportunidades.