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Locations for Distance Learning Hotspots in Sheridan

Distance Learning Hotspots Locations: 

(Distance Learning Hotspot Map)

The District is planning on have 6 active hotspots soon.  At present you are welcome to drive/walk to access the WiFi from outside the buildings at the following locations (day or night):

-Sheridan Public Library (you may access Wifi from inside the Public Library, Monday through Friday 10 am - 4 pm, please call ahead to reserve a spot:  503-843-3420)

-Sheridan High School

-Faulconer-Chapman School

- New Hope Church (outside coverage map)

- Trinity Lutheran Church (outside coverage map)

Open Door Churh (outside coverage map)


Mobile Hotspots:

The Sheridan School District is currently working with Verizon and T-mobile to provide mobile hotspots to families who do not have internet access at home. 

These mobile hotspots will be checked out on a first come first serve basis and we ask that families who have no internet to contact their school (Faulconer-Chapman School:  971-261-6960 or Sheridan High School:  971-261-6970) and provide their student's name and need for a hotspot.   We hope to have some available the week of Sept. 28th and families who have contacted their school to receive one will be notified.  Depending on the demand we may initially roll out one to each family in need but hope to give one to each student in need in the near future.  In the meanwhile, you can access free WiFi outside the Sheridan High School, Falconer-Chapman School, as well as inside the Sheridan Public Library.  We are adding more networks when we can so check the district website for updates.