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The Sheridan School District is located in Sheridan, Oregon and serves over 700 K-12 students in our public schools. There is one public charter school in the community as well that serve over 300 students online across the state. The following schools make up the Sheridan School District:

Faulconer-Chapman School – Grades K-8

Sheridan High School – Grades 9-12

Sheridan AllPrep Academy – Grades K-12

We believe in life-long learning and growth. As a staff we continue to learn and work to improve the educational outcomes for our students. The result of this work is to align curriculum and standards important to teaching our students, and to align assessment practices to ensure our students are learning essential content.

​The Sheridan School District works closely with many partners in the community to serve the needs of our students and families. We know as educators that we teach our students academics and also teach them to be contributing members of the community and all it has to offer.

District Mission Statement

Each student will be engaged today, inspired for the future, ready for the next set of challenges and accountable for their learning.

District Vision Statement

Where all students learn, grow, and succeed.

We Believe…

  • Every student has the ability to continue to learn and grow as a unique individual.
  • Students will achieve when high expectations for learning and behavior are clearly communicated.
  • Student learning is impacted by culture, attitude, and learning style.
  • Students learn best when their basic needs are met and positive relationships are established.
  • Students learn best when teachers collaborate (best practices) and use research based methodology to improve instruction.
  • Respect for individuality will help with problem solving and disagreements.
  • Equal status allows for shared ideas and voices to be heard.
  • Collaborating together will foster a learning environment that is best for students.
  • Students and staff can benefit from, inspire and find value in each other.
  • Positive relationships between all members of our learning community will help us overcome difficult tasks.
  • In providing competitive salaries, benefit packages and career pathways.
  • In developing and promoting positive relationships within our learning community.
  • In providing optimal facilities, reasonable class sizes, vertically aligned curriculum, materials and technology necessary for effective teaching and enhancing learning.
  • In utilizing strategic professional development, mentors, administrative support, and a learning friendly schedule to provide a positive working environment.
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